ActiveLoc is emerge to focus on translation/localization project management process. All these done with the most flexible and efficient approach as we bring latest technology to one of the oldest needs in the world: Communication. We work in most flexible, simplified and dynamic ways, both in terms of process and cost.

We focused to help the organizations the world over translate their content into different languages and reach new markets. We consistently are dedicated to provide you with the best high-quality services that exceed your expectation. We excel at understanding the content management, development process and user experiences; are always on hand to answer any of your localization queries.

With ActiveLoc you are stronger than ever before, you do not have to worry about your Languages Services anymore as we will be working together to help you achieve your business goals in the global marketplace and enhance your reach in all languages speaking world areas.

Why choose ActiveLoc as your localization or language partner?

Our mission is to earn and maintain trusted, long-term client relationships built on the skills and passion of our technology professionals, on our proven, repeatable processes and our commitment to always deliver great services. We continue to succeed because of this commitment to excellence and our willingness to develop and apply innovative solutions to our clients’ localization or translation problems.

Your mission, in turn, is to serve customers who require translated and localized products of the highest quality. ActiveLoc helps you achieve that mission with speed and affordability through our best experience in the translation and localization industry, high technology competence, and uncompromising quality-control processes.

ActiveLoc acts as a true localization or language partner, sharing our information freely, building transparency into the partnering process, and always taking proactive steps to help you get better customer experience.

We invite you to partner with us today.