The choice of technology or platform for a web application depends on factors such as technologies already in-use at client site and the type of app being developed. ActiveLoc has deep technical expertise in popular technology stacks and also on frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Zend, and Django that run on these stacks.

Utilizing rapid application development frameworks and agile methodologies, we develop applications that are aligned to strategic business objectives. Our team will work with you to identify and define requirements, create a technology strategy, and chart out a project schedule. Apps are created to satisfy functional requirements as well as non-functional requirements of availability, scalability, and performance.

Language Technology

Customized Translation Management System
Translation Management System (TMS) is essential for growing language service providers and translation agencies. We can help to the agencies to automate most of the manual process in the translation process and develop specially customize translation management system with our decades of industry experience.
Localized Website and Application Development
Now a day’s most of the product and services are locale based. Those are available to the certain locale. It’s tough to reach end consumer with standard content. It is not tough anymore. Our dedicated team of specialists in creating localized website will help the enterprise to have localized website in local language without missing client massages, those he wants share with his customer.
Multilingual Website and Application Development
Most of products and services are operating in multiple regions. Product and services are same across the regions. Ways they are selling the products and services are different. Of course localization is one of the important component in their selling strategy. We have experts to make this job easier. Just translation won't work here. We have to understand understand the product and locale.