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4 Key Translation Provider Trends in 2021

The pandemic brought the international market to almost a standstill in 2020. The immense downturn in global marketing is an uphill task for companies to make up for. Covid-19 changed the entire economic scenario of the world and gave a lease of life to what we refer to as work from home or home office.

In spite of such setbacks, a few sectors have done well economically. The opportunities in sectors like the translation sector have dramatically increased. A few of the key reasons for this stability are-

  1. Translation providers reach out to various sectors of work. Their variety of work makes them tangible to the major economic setbacks in other industries.
  2. Many providers were already accustomed to the home office setup. Therefore providing services under such circumstances had no setbacks.
  3. The health crisis led to a major demand for Covid related content to be translated and sent to legal organizations. This boosted the sector pretty much.

This has resulted in a major demand of copywriters and proofreaders to provide services. With many people losing their regular jobs, people have joined this sector to not only earn but to cash in the plethora of opportunities in this sector currently. There are a few major trends in the sector currently and we shall analyse them.

  1. Machine Translation

Machine Translation is slowly gaining ground in the market now. With stricter deadlines for companies, these softwares are increasing their efficiency in the market. The software which used to earlier produce garbled sentences having no similarity to the original content are improving their results.These programs now have enough data to enable them to compare, contrast, and create with a higher level of effectiveness. Good translated and localized content is still all about bringing the human touch that will attract a targeted audience. Human editors will continue to be as essential to the translation process as ever.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Unlike Machine translation, artificial intelligence is primarily employed by companies developing computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, which are utilized by human translators when creating texts from scratch. The CAT tools are improving their efficiency steadily due to the deep neural network foundation. The network enables them to learn and improve from the existing data. Not only does that increase the efficiency, it also considers the context of the content while translating. It’s a growing technology and might just take over Machine Translation very soon.

  1. Globalization

The pandemic brought the economy of every brand to a standstill. The enormous losses caused are to be recovered in the post Covid era. This demands for businesses to go global again. Venturing into emerging markets like Russia, Turkey, Mexico, South America, Thailand, South Africa is one of the mediums to revive their customers. To reach out to people, translating their content in the local language and culture to appeal to them is one of the major needs currently. Hence translation has a pivotal role in stabilising the economy of companies.

  1. Static Text to Dynamic Interaction

Online marketing via videos has been a buzzing trend in the market now. Many customers prefer to watch small ads as marketing campaigns before buying a product. This has led to companies relying on video content a lot more these days. With the effect of localization, it becomes essential to translate the video content in the local culture. Translation providers use this as a major opportunity for brands to venture out globally. Video translation providers see this trend as becoming a major factor in the coming days to revive businesses.


Why Translation?

As discussed already, translating website content for the global market has become essential for brands to revive their sales. Appealing to the customers in their local culture and conducting marketing campaigns are possible solutions to the dying economy. This provides enormous demand for translation providers like us. We as a team provide efficient translation and not just copy-paste so that your business can tap into potential customers, win them over and get you back on track!