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Subtitle translation

How To Boost Your Video For A Global Audience 

With the ever-changing technology, audiovisual content usage is rapidly growing. Subtitles are a popular accessibility feature on many platforms, which is one of the trends we’re seeing and they’re successful with viewers. According to research, subtitling boosted video views by 80% globally. Subtitles are now a key aspect of any visual media. By adding translation will ensure a wider reach. 

Why companies & creators prefer manual captionsLearn more 

AI is developing faster than ever but the auto-captions feature still fails to translate accurately. Google’s latest update makes it crucial for creators to invest in subtitles. The auto-captions feature is an interesting idea, which is intended to make videos accessible for the deaf, or anyone who doesn’t want audio but due to some flaws will limit the level of accuracy and context which leads to the laughingstock of the web. 

The safest way to get well-translated subtitles for your video is to hire a professional translator and upload it or contact an agency that does this process. It increases ROI and It is a simple, fast, & cost-effective solution. But using the human translation method helps your video reach new audiences and break down barriers with culturally and linguistically relevant. So brands and creators who add professional and SEO-friendly subtitles give an edge over others. 

Video translation isn’t only for Disney or Netflix anymore. It is also being used by small industries and growth brands to enter new markets or reach new consumers. And not only in marketing but also use in product demos, guest interviews, webinars, training, tutorials, or any other explainer videos. 

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Key Benefits of adding Subtitles for a Video 

  • It’s cost-effective
  • Improve SEO ranking. 
  • Accessibility 
  • Attract target audience 
  • Boost search engine ranking 
  • Consumer Preference.
  • Provide clarity information. 
  • Increase watch time 
  • Improve engagement. 
  • Global reach 
  • Increase ROI 

What to consider when translating subtitles:

Localize the content: The translator should be aware of proper terminology and other aspects related to the target audience’s culture. while translating content. So your content sounds as professional as it did in the original language. 

Target Audience: When translating subtitles, the content reflects the target audience’s values, conventions, and cultural characteristics.  So it is important to know your target audience – how can you impact them, and the type of slang they are using. 

Reducing Length: People read texts slower than hearing, so it is important to Adapt the text to ensure the audience can finish reading on time. 

Timing: Translating the text from one language to another can expand the text length. So it is crucial l to ensure that the timing is synced properly while editing on repetition, grammar, and merging sentences while maintaining original text. 

Machine translation: Machines can’t identify idioms or expressions. There is no software that can understand emotions, humor, and sarcasm, so human translation is essential when translating subtitles. 

Quality assurance: Before publishing, test your video and subtitles together. Get a subtitling translator from an agency to review them. They can examine the content and double-check the meaning. 

Your video needs are unique translations, it’s worth taking the time to study your project and come up with the right plan for your budget and marketing goals. ActiveLoc globalization provides an ideal translator or editor based on your target language with affordable service to meet the targeted audience and quality output which saves your time. No matter where in the world you are.  

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