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Why You Should Invest in Mobile Game Localization

In the last few years, the mobile gaming industry has grown rapidly to become the most popular platform for virtual gaming. In fact, 51% of the global game revenue is generated by mobile games alone!  How Important is Mobile Game Localization?  The mobile gaming industry has vast potential for growing its customer base and generating further…
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India 5000 Business Awards Nomination!

We are proud to announce that ActiveLoc has been nominated in the India 5000 Business Awards!  Awards are a great way of being acknowledged for the hard work that someone puts in everyday to excel in their field. Business Awards recognize excellence in services and products, increase the credibility of a company, and aid in the growth of its…
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ActiveLoc is now ISO 9001:2015 certified!

Staying true to the ActiveLoc’s mission of delivering complete client satisfaction, our company is now ISO 9001:2015 certified!   For those of you who are new to the field, let us simplify this jargon. This certification essentially means that the International Standards Organization (ISO) now acknowledges our Quality Management Systems (QMS) as being world class. QMS are the methods that are in place within a business organization that ensure that all services…
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Importance of Translation for E-commerce Websites

Everything is different. Everyone is different! The way of doing business has changed drastically. It is rather easy to develop a customer base in today’s Internet era than it was 20 years ago. E-commerce is the new way of the world. A company in India can have consumers from all over the world, can sell…
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Programming Languages That Are Translated by ActiveLoc

Software localization is the go-to solution for global recognition and success. ActiveLoc specializes in localization and globalization services. We can translate softwares that are developed using any or all programming languages! However, here are the top five programming languages that we support: JAVA One of the oldest and most popular software developing language. Member of…
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Software Localization Made Easy

In this global world where there are a variety of people speaking thousands of different languages, if you decide to stick to only one for your business, you’re in trouble! Every business can earn extra market share, income, and see increased sales when they go global, but that requires an immaculate understanding of current market trends…
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