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Coronavirus Outbreak: what if a patient is not fluent in English?

The coronavirus outbreak has left economies in shatters while unemployment is reaching its peaks. Various other problems has also been resulted because of the rapid rate at which the pandemic is increasing today.

In such cases, where there is no definitive cure in the place that you stay in, one is compelled to move to a foreign place. In such times, miscommunications may take place that might end up having drastic medical consequences.

But what if a patient is not fluent in English? What should you do? How do you go on about your consultation? Here’s a guide on how to go on about!

  • What should you do?

Medical emergencies need dire attention and can afford no grave mistakes. However, in the face of a disheveled situation, one may encounter patients that do not speak English but only the localized language.

In such a situation, to avoid miscommunications, it is essential that you keep certain things in mind like

  • Closely examining the local languages that are being spoken in and around. It may also include having an idea about the basic spoken language that can help you avoid medical miscommunications.
  • Perhaps the safest way to avoid unwanted situations is to hire a translator or a local who might be well known or knows the basic language that your patient speaks.
  • Moreover, having a translator can help you to get a better insight of what the patient is really suffering from or other discrepancies associated with their symptoms.
  • Basic information can be pasted in and around or circulated both in English as well as the general local language of the people.

To aid to non-English speaking masses has become the need of an hour. From small consultancies to medical emergencies, medical mishaps are just one step away and can be caused due to errors in minute details.

It is thus, essential that you maintain a common way to interact with patients in the face of the pandemic which has become a very crucial part today.

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