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Simple strategies to increase your app visibility and download

How localization impacts the user journey

Have you launched your app recently and you’ve got less downloads? If your research end up with this page, you are in the right place where you understand the stages of app growth. This blog will help you. So, let’s dive into it.


Launching a great app is not enough to get your users to discover and keep engaging with your app. The study says that 42% of users uninstall the app within 24 hours from installation and 56% of users uninstall apps within 7 days of installation. You’ve invested time and effort into setting up your application to attract more users, but you are losing them. But convincing new users by marketing is not only the first step to downloading your app. You also need to focus on the user’s lifecycle and keep engaging for the long journey.


As per recent statistics, 2.2 million apps are available in the Apple App Store and 3.5 in the Google Play Store, users have numerous options for mobile shopping, gaming, entertainment, education, health, finances, and other services. And more than 3000 apps are added every single day. The real challenge is to reach users in the massive competitive world!


All it takes is a bit of attention for your app to gain more visibility and loyal users. So, how can you set your app to stand out from the crowded marketplace? 


Here is simple strategies that can increase your downloads and boost engagement with your mobile app. Before you start it’s important to understand the user’s lifecycle. The user lifecycle has five stages: Discoverability, download, engagement, revenue, and Referrals. While it’s similar to the buyer’s journey. 


1. Discoverability: The first stage of the user lifecycle is where your relationship with the user begins. In the app store, approximately 75% of apps are never discovered because your mobile app is not optimized properly. In this stage, the user compares your apps across competing apps (including yours), perform research, and reads user reviews, etc.


We’ll walk through these app marketing strategies step by step to drive long-term success.  

Well-designed app icon: Your mobile app’s icon is the first thing that your potential users see it. So, make sure that your icon is relevant to your app and describes your brand identity. It is an important part of your app’s unique identity to capture a user’s attention.


App store optimization: Using app store optimization (ASO) strategies can increase your app ranking.  

  • Keyword: Research the keyword that your potential users are searching for. And identify the target keywords with high search volume and low difficulty. Write the title and description using those keywords that are catchy and descriptive. And at the same time not too long.  

  • Set categories: When you launch your app, choose the appropriate category. But make sure that category is relevant to your app. Choosing the right category will give you a better chance to reach your potential users. 

  • Positive reviews:  Encouraging user reviews through messages or emails will rank your app. As you get more positive feedback which will naturally improve download numbers  

  • Use screenshots: App screenshots are essential because users can see what your app is all about and how the app can benefit them. By showcasing its tools, and key features users can decide on making the mobile app install. 


2. Download: Boosting download is the key focus for app owners. In this stage, the user compares your apps across competing apps and performs research on it. Let’s check, is your app stand out in the crowd of apps? And the title you’ve selected – do they convey the purpose of your app? does your description tells what’s in it there for the users? If users are discovering your app but not downloading it because your content is fail to tell users how great it is; To convince your user you need to create feature-driven and problem-centric content in their language. An attractive title and an icon with a local flavour can catch the user’s attention.


Consider Location: Localizing your app store for local flavor can attract global users and reach the appropriate way for that region. Identify your target audience’s location and consider these areas in your app content and graphics. 


What is App Localization? 

App localization is the process of translating a mobile app in a global market to meet the needs of a target language and culture. 


Benefits of app localization: 

• Brand awareness 

• Improve brand loyalty 

• Boost engagement 

• Improve User Experience 

• Avoid Confusion 

• Increasing downloads 


App Localization Process – How It Gets Done: 

  • Analyze the app materials   
  • Understanding the target user’s culture, language, and taste psychology. 
  • Translating the content and adapting to the local time units, and dimensions 
  • Adapting the text to the size of a button or dialogue window.
  • Customizing the names of genre-specific language, objects, app locations, objects, geographical names, and more.
  • Quality assurance and linguistic testing 
  • Implementing the final translations into the app codebase 


Website: When the audiences search for solutions to their problems begins with a web search. Whether they’re looking for shopping or entertainment or productivity If you don’t have visibility on search engines there will be a chance of missing a wide audience. To expand your better target to reach potential users, it is essential to link your app to a website. and considering web localization for different localities can get the attention of users and make them for long-term users.


Demo video: A simple description or a few screenshots will not convey all the features and benefits of your app. Creating a demo video is a better way to increase downloads. Create a simple 30-sec video that should cover the features, usage, and benefits of your product. Once your video is ready, share it on social media and the website. and don’t forget to add subtitles to it using the target language.


Re-targeting: The user who viewed your app but has not yet committed to a download is your target user. Remind them about your app on search engines or social media that supports Google Ads. Users who see your retargeting ads are more likely to convert. Using retargeting ads can make them become loyal users. 


3. Engagement: When the user finds your app on the phone, they’ve officially entered the acquisition stage. A major key to an app’s success is to engage your current users. Once you have a decent user base it is important to engage your users while implementing app features in region flavor, and sending push messages, coupons, & showcasing your unique offerings in their language, etc.  


4. Revenue: Giving the free application, the user could install your app. Once your potential users converted, start adding features and functionality. And make them to purchase. Each app works differently. For eCommerce apps, access to the exclusive collection. For the gaming category, unlocking new tools and new stages can be offered by price; and for others, upgrading a new version app experience by implementing in the target locale can achieve long-term success. 


5. Referrals: users are more likely to buy when referred by a friend.  To boost sales and gain referrals you need to give access to an exclusive collection, referral discounts, gifting loyalty points, and so on. It isn’t always word of mouth that leads to referral. Sharing your stuff on social, publicity is also a form of referral.



Reaching millions of global users is not an easy task and that can only be accomplished through app localization. Localization is valuable to a wider user. Mobile app localization is not just translation, It is essential to localize all components of the app, including its content, backend database, graphics, audio, marketing, and branding. So It’s essential to work with a professional language services provider from the beginning of app development. The investment in app localization will pay off in the short and long-term goals. Don’t push that you can start a process once the app is launched. It would be a big loss if you have ignored or spent money and time on only machine translation caused by the lack of proper localization. Contact our team expert. They will help you to take the right marketing decisions for app growth success. 

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