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How to choose the right eLearning translation company

All global brands face one challenge; communicating with a global audience in their language is not easy. So, translating your eLearning content gives you wider global reach. While translation companies can be found almost worldwide, How do you choose the right one that gives the best results? Finding the best eLearning translator is the first step toward credibility. If you are confused how to choose and analyze the right partner – read this guide. 


Criteria 1: Online Search.  

If your eLearning content is professionally translated, the first step is to start an online search. A more precise search may not yield the best results, or the top of paid search results could be unsatisfactory. So, before doing online research, take a look at your translation requirements. 

  1. What content source to be translated? 
  1. What is the purpose of translating into the target language? 
  1. Who are your target students for this content?  
  1. In which language is required to translate? 

Once you are clear, you will have a better idea of dealing with translation providers. 


Criteria 2: Accreditation and Certification 

When looking for your eLearning content translation partner. ISO certifications should be the first part of your criteria list. With ISO 9001-certified company, you can assure that your content will be handled properly. But these certificates don’t always prove “quality.”   


Criteria 3: Reputation 

When deciding on a new translation agency, do a quick google search on testimonials, case studies, and client responses on the company website which will be very beneficial. 


Criteria 4: Translators 

Machine translation is getting popular but it can use only in certain cases, machine translation cannot replacement of human translation when it comes to accuracy. human post-editing to make the translation greater accuracy and fluency of the translation work. 


Criteria 5: Speed & Accuracy  

Just because the native translator doesn’t mean they are language experts that know all the linguistics techniques and subtleties of a language. For accurate translation, you need industry experts who have proper certifications with mastery of the local language. These experts ensure the proper terminology is used in the target language, so your eLearning content sounds as professional as it did in the original language. 

To ensure, request them a paid sample and give a small mock-up of your eLearning content and let them translate it for a fixed fee. This gives you a clear impression of their speed, accuracy, style, and knowledge of the subject. 


Criteria 6: Customer Support: 

This is one of the important aspects when deciding the best translation & localization agency. You should also note their consistency, appropriate service, and fast response via email or by phone, which provides added value. 



When you search a translation agency, keep these tips in mind. Translating your eLearning content not only expands your global reach, it also promotes your brand. So choose wisely! When you’ve found, It’s time to choose the right localization agency for your eLearning translation project.  

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