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How to optimize video to capture more audience 

In recent years, video has become a highly influential marketing tool because watching videos has more effective than reading to capture an audience. So any global business, to reach a global audience video marketing is essential for business.

What is video marketing? 

Video marketing means using videos for promoting your brand, message, product, or service. In simple words, incorporating your video content into a marketing strategy is called video marketing.

Why video marketing is important for every business?  

Every business’s goal is to attract more visitors and keep them to stay longer on the website ultimately, we want that traffic to turn into sales – such as online purchases, form submissions, etc. And that’s where video can help. 

Using a video marketing strategy can help you connect with your audience, to deliver the brand’s awareness of the products and services in an effective way. So, investing in video marketing is essential for every business’s growth. 

As per the survey, video marketing helps businesses increase: 

  •  Traffic by 52% 
  •  Brand awareness by 70% 
  •  Sales by 34% 

How videos can increase your conversion rate: 

By educating your audience through video marketing helps them to make buying decisions. Compared to written content ‘Visual’ is always more attractive. There is a saying that “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”, which means graphic illustrations are more effective than words at conveying a message. Content is still the king of online marketing, but the king of content is the video! and that’s where video marketing comes in. 

Key Benefits of video marketing: 

  • Improves SEO rankings  
  • Boost online visibility   
  • Attracts new customers  
  • Reach potential audience  
  • Increase customer engagement   
  • Build trust  
  • Increase conversion rates  
  • Boosts sales  
  • Better ROI 
  • Beat competitors 

How to optimize your video content to increase conversions? 

Reaching a global audience is an important factor in every company’s success. Maybe you’ve invested time and effort in video marketing to attract more customers. But does it reach potential customers and increase conversations?  

“Where all the audience are” 

At some point, that question crosses your mind. Finding the right audience is a challenge for many businesses to achieve. Reaching a new audience in a highly competitive market is the real challenge! By optimizing your video content can boost your online presence. 

What is video optimization? 

Video optimization is the process of providing essential data that search engines will use to determine what your video is, to connect your brand with customers, and to catch their attention in a digitally overloaded world. 

Steps to optimize video content to reach a global audience: 

  1. Identify your target audience 
  1. Choose Your Platforms 
  1. Do Research on Your Topic 
  1. Create your content or storyboard 
  1. Try to make your video short 
  1. Upload High-Quality Content 
  1. Embedding video on the website 
  1. Add an accurate transcript to the video 
  1. Choose a video category 
  1. Optimize video title and description 
  1. Add Video Hashtags & Captions 
  1. Add subtitles to your videos 
  1. Design a custom thumbnail 
  1. Promote on social media channels 
  1. Track the results 

Creating video content is an important part of every brand’s marketing strategy, but deciding where to spend your effort and budget can be challenging. If you’re thinking where to focus your video marketing efforts is social media channels : YouTube, Instagram, Facebook 

The latest statistics show that –  

  • TikTok – 1 Billion 
  • Instagram – 1.5 Billion and 
  • YouTube – 2.56 Billion Monthly active users in 2022. 
  • Facebook – 2.89 Billion 

Which is the best social media channel for video marketing content? 

Each social media channel has a distinct audience and serves a unique purpose, it performs differently on all social media channels. So, depending on your content and target users can achieve market success but, only if your video content is translated. 

Importance of Video Content Localization: 

Let me ask you a serious question. Have you ever played a video without understanding the language? Or without subtitles? You cannot enjoy the movie if you do not understand, right? Video content has a much better chance of success in global markets when they are localized and adapted to them. So any global business, to reach a global audience video localization is essential for your business. 

What is Video Localization Or Translation – Which Is Best For business? 

Video translation is just the process of translating video content to a target language. It is also known as multimedia translation. However, video localization has far more wide-reaching. It considers adapting entire video content to the target locale. That will typically include the following steps: translation of language, transcription of the original audio, and adding subtitling, voice-over track, or dubbing. In fact, video translation can be considered as just one part of the video localization process. 

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As you already know, most of the audience speak a common language, so they might not prefer other languages as their first language. In this case, your content may fail to reach globally which will automatically reduce sales & engagement. To deal with this condition to reach non-native speakers, a multilingual video is a solution to this problem. When you create a specific language video or single language video, most people will not be able to understand your business around the world. Through a multilingual app, will get the reach it deserves. It is a one-time cost that drives conversion rates and builds long-lasting relationships with end-users by localizing your video content. 

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Automated vs. Human transcription: which one to choose? 

Subtitles are now a key aspect of any visual media. According to research, subtitling increased video views by 80% globally. So many companies & creators use subtitles in their marketing videos and they prefer manual captions. 

Ai is developing faster than ever but the auto-captions feature still fails to translate accurately. Google’s latest update makes it crucial for creators to invest in subtitles. The auto-captions feature is an interesting idea, but due to some flaws will limit the level of accuracy and context which leads to the laughingstock of the web. So the safest way to get well-translated subtitles for your video is to hire a professional translator and upload it on your video content. 

While translation companies can be found almost worldwide, how do you choose the right one that gives the best results? Finding the best video translator is the first step toward credibility. If you are confused about how to choose and analyze the right partner- read this guide. 

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Benefits of adding Subtitles for Video content: 

  • Improve SEO ranking.  
  • Attract target audience 
  • Boost search engine ranking  
  • Provide clarity information  
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Increase conversion 
  • Improve engagement.  
  • Global reach  
  • Increase ROI 


Every business should invest in video marketing for business growth. Because it generates more leads and revenue, compared to other forms of content marketing. In today’s digital world, video marketing has become one of the most popular forms of content marketing strategy when it comes to brand promotion. A content marketing strategy best idea to increase your audiences in the global market. 

Video marketing isn’t just for eCommerce business, it can also be useful for lead-generating landing pages, But If your video content is available in only one language, you are Limiting your audience in a global market means that huge groups of potential clients are being eliminated. So by localizing your video content potential customers are more likely to convert from prospects to paying customers when they find the right data from your video content. And When your video is available in multiple languages, By having a multilingual video you attract the attention of new customers and enjoy a wider audience in a global market resulting in more profits and sales. It improves your chances of getting found in a search engine as well. So If you are entering the global market it is essential to translate your video content to generate higher engagement in online marketing. 

Are you still thinking to expand your company faster than your competitor? then you should take consider translation in the first place. If you are not yet sure, contact our team expert. They will help you to take the right marketing decisions for growth success. 

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