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Importance of International Keyword for Global Brands

International Keyword for Global Brands

A successful marketing campaign for any global business requires efficient and appealing international keywords. Any business cashes in on its popularity in the home market by using the appropriate keywords to appeal to the customer base. Similarly, to reach out to a global audience it becomes essential to translate the keywords in a manner so as to be able to cater to the customer’s needs. Therefore, the marketing strategy for a global brand is heavily dependent on international keyword research.

The website content is often translated or localized to appeal to the masses. An essential step in this procedure is to add suitable SEO keywords in the respective language. Word-to-word translation of keywords often does not produce the desired results. And extensive international keyword research is preferred and suitably added to the content to get optimum sales from the global customer base.


Importance of International SEO

In order to achieve the marketing goals of a company, international keyword research forms a major part of their strategy. The importance of this process includes-

  1. Link with Target Audience: The right keyword often links your products with the target audience. Localizing your website content and using the correct keywords decide the relevance of the website with respect to the user’s search. Therefore to understand the intent behind a search becomes an important factor globally.
  1. Consumer Intent: Having insights into the consumer Intent is always beneficial for any business. It helps to figure out the existing competition in the market and assess the popularity of brand-specific keywords. It has a significant effect on the success of the marketing campaign.
  1. Language Usage: The searching pattern of a user is often dependent on the local culture of the place. Thereby identifying the local keywords which appeal to the users is very important. These country-specific keywords often increase traffic on the website and garner better figures.


The methodology of Keyword Research

Successful keyword analysis for any foreign locale is extremely important. The proper research that should be done for finding the most effective keywords, follow the basic guidelines –

  1. There are keyword research tools available online which help you optimize your content. Not only do they save on time, they also provide the perfect keywords according to the customer appeal.
  2. Do an online survey to find out the keywords used by competitors. Analysis of foreign competition is always important for any brand. Similarly, using the keywords effectively also forms an integral part of the process.
  3. Diving deep into your own website and finding out the target audience you want to cater to. Mostly, identifying the target audience leads to keywords.
  4. Using people who are comfortable with the local culture always adds to the table. The local expertise helps you find the optimum keywords to stand out in the market and fetch more customers.
  5. Monitoring the performance of the keywords in the international market is helpful for the brand. Changing and altering the marketing approaches to cater to a wider audience is always the main target of any brand.


Every region has its own local customs that affect the behavior of its consumers. Brands need to have local cultural knowledge in order to be discovered by prospective foreign customers. One of the main aims of the brands wishing to make a mark in the global market is to identify these local cultures and appeal to them. Simple translations of keywords used in the home market may not always fetch the desired results. To succeed in the competitive international online world, one needs to have thorough international keyword research to gain more valuable clicks, a strong brand positioning, and better outputs. The process is time-consuming but fetches the desired results for global markets.


Why Localise?

The best solution to cater to these audiences is to localize your content for them. Converting your website content to appeal to this audience is always an onus for brands. It offers many features to help boost the positioning of your brand in the global market.