Amazon Product Listing Translation

Accurate translation of product listing is vital for businesses to gain higher traffic, higher conversions, and make global sales.  Clearly written translated descriptions on pages, ad copies, prices and usage gives your business a scope of reaching to new potential buyers.

Amazon Product Listing Translation
Product Listing Translation services

ActiveLoc’s Amazon Product Listings Translation Services Offer

  • Product descriptions with sales in mind.
  • Product related queries and FAQs
  • Crisp and clear translation of prices, warranty, and return policy
  • On-page instruction translation if any
  • High-level keyword optimization
  • Advertisement content localization

Pitch in the language of your customers.
Smash your sales targets by making your product listing available in the global market in global languages.

Supported languages for Amazon product listings translation

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Thai and more…

Why translate Amazon product listings with ActiveLoc?

Platform know-how

ActiveLoc’s team’s familiarity with the Amazon ecosystem is an advantage as we are aware of what category of content takes what digital real estate. The content translations are done accordingly keeping crisp sales pitch in mind.

Keyword optimization

Translated product listings need optimized keywords for the product to be found in the vast database. With our local market research combined with linguistic expertise, we optimize local search for your products with right keywords.

Ad communication

Amazon’s ecosystem also enables you to promote your product on its platform. With perfectly localized ad copies, promote your product within the Amazon ecosystem and re-use them for social media and other ad networks.

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