Software Localization

Software localization is an integral part of the product development cycle for it to have a global appeal. A piece of software is complex with thousands of resource files, strings, multimedia elements and other associated content. All of it needs thorough translation and localization for a flawless user experience with the product and with other forms of product related communications.
Software Localization Services

Localization of Software will improve the user experience of the product as customer can use the application in their language. It will speed up the user engagement adoption rate in the market.

Get end-to-end localization of software products, related content along with translation of marketing materials with ActiveLoc.

Domain Expertise​


Automotive software translation covering content from a wide range of navigation, entertainment, safety software along with manuals and marketing communications.

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance translation for website content, balance sheets, reports, agreements, press releases and marketing communications.

Customer Goods

Customer goods content spanning across product descriptions, catalogues, brochures, website, and landing pages.


Ecommerce software translation for application content, online forms, product pages and marketing materials.


E-learning material translation covering curriculum content, quizzes, training videos, Podcasts, E-books and forum posts.


Engineering localization needs of training courses, documentations, manuals, labels, patents and more.


Gaming localization complete with text translation, transcripts, and multimedia localization.


Governmental website translations along with localization of portals, legal and legislative briefs, training manuals, forms, and documents.

IT & ITes

IT & ITes localization needs covering website and applications, UI strings, documentations, OS, CRM apps, ERP systems and more.


Manufacturing translation needs covering websites, user manuals, specifications, data sheets and legal and technical documents.


Media and entertainment content covering reviews, podcasts, film subtitles, and closed captioning.


Tourism and hospitality content translation covering websites, booking apps, brochures, menus, and marketing content.

Why localize software with ActiveLoc

Domain expertise

ActiveLoc’s experience in working across domain experts has provided us with deep knowledge of all domain-localization needs.

Technical familiarity

Our teams are technically strong making all our work seamless across domains, platform environments and file formats.

Complete package

We go beyond the software products and associated content. We help you communicate your products offerings and features in the right way across all languages.

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