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Machine Translation Post- Editing for translators

Machine Translation Post – Editing : What Translators Need to Know

Machine Translation Post-Editing is a hybrid translation approach in which human linguists optimize and increase the text’s accuracy by editing the performance of advanced machine translation. In other words, it’s a method in which human editors fix automatic translation errors to make it sound more natural and maintain the original text’s meaning. 


The Revolution: 

Machine translations and post-editing have sparked a minor revolution in the translation industry, and rightly so. Generic engines that are inexpensive are often ideal for daily translation work, according to practical experience. The process’s effectiveness is contingent on finding the right collaborator, who should be knowledgeable both scientifically and in the area of expertise, and who, above all, is cost-effective. 


It’s Benefits: 

Even though MTPE is appropriate for a vast range of texts, the costs and time required must still be considered in order to take full advantage of the intelligent synthesis of artificial intelligence and the human mind. 

Despite the fact that machine translation is constantly evolving and changing, it is fair to infer that relying entirely on raw machine translation is risky, regardless of the accuracy of the machine translation device’s end result. 

When used properly, MTPE has a long list of benefits. It enables you to support a larger customer base by implementing multiple languages through a multitude of platforms. 

MTPE is rapidly being known as a great middle ground that has proved to be much more reliable than machine translation while still being much less complex and time-consuming than human translation. Machine translation post editing sticks out as an excellent choice for all that need to interpret a huge amount of material quickly and affordably without sacrificing efficiency. 

It’s critical to realize that Post-Editing necessitates a different level of effort from translators, and that only the best translation team will provide the results you want. With our technical authority and highly-trained translators in the Post-Editing Process, ActiveLoc is well qualified to provide top-notch MTPE Solutions.  


Check in with us if you want to implement your own MTPE Solutions but can’t find qualified translators. We have consulting and translating services at all levels, as well as a professionally qualified team of native linguists who can help you bring a competent level of Human Quality Assurance to the Post-Editing Process. 

Now is the time to join hands with us and make usage of our unique MTPE offers. We promise to offer the best standard at the most affordable rates. 

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