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Machine Translation v/s Machine Translation Plus Post-Editing

Machine translation is concerned with the translation of services and content through the help of machines or translation assistants. Machine Translation is seen as a technology that has greatly helped provide multilingualism for thousands of start-up technologies. It provides its translation with great accuracy and reliability. In this article, we explore the differences between machine translation and machine translation plus post-editing.

Machine translation plus post-editing follows a post-editing procedure after the actual machine translation takes place.

Here the machine translation technology translates a work first after which human translators who are experts in the field retest and check up on the accuracy of this translation.

In short, it can be understood as the inducement of human translation services, often incorporating fragments of details that might have been missed out by the Machine Translation process.

  • Which can be preferred the most?

The kind of translation services depends on what your content is. Machine technology most deals with a process that is quick and cost-efficient. However, the rapidity of this does not prove the fact that it is free of errors.

Moreover, it loses the originality of the text by using the same phrases and words repeatedly upon seeing words that may have similar meanings. This loses the authenticity of the context as well.

Machine Translation Post-Editing results in almost 30% more accuracy as compare to machine translations. This is because it comes under the close and detailed examinations of human experts.

It also makes sure that no important fragments of information is missed out and arranges the work in a specific and organized manner. It has a more professional feel to it.

However, what makes machine translation after editing is not very preferable is because it consumes a lot of time, often two-fold or three-fold more time as compared to Machine Translation. It is also not as cost-efficient as compare to the other.

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