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From globalization strategies to localization and technical requirements, adapt your software for multiple global markets.

Website Localization

Before entering a new local market, you should tailor the contents of your  website to suit the needs of the new audience. We provide high-quality website localization services that is reliable, affordable and hassle-free.  

Mobile App Localization

There has been a rapid growth in the number of consumers who prefer to buy goods and services on the go through mobile apps. By using our reliable mobile app localization services, you can expand your customer base and increase your sales. 

Software Localization

You will need to consider both the content and functional elements of the software or application while adapting it for a specific local market. By using ActiveLoc to manage these processes, you can receive complete expert software localization at reasonable prices. 

Games Localization

Localizing a game also helps to broaden the user base by spreading it to different regions around the world. Leave game translation to the industry experts at ActiveLoc for a smooth transition into the global market.

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