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Games Localization

Games created in local languages encourage gamers to use it more than those those are not localized. If you’re looking to localize your game to expand your business in the global or local market, contact ActiveLoc.

From plot to character names and languages, we can take care of all your game localization needs.

What can we do in games localization?

We can help you to localize mobile games, desktop games and web games. 

We are committed to providing reliable yet high-quality game localization at affordable prices. We are experts in localizing games that are built using the following game engines: Unity, Corona, Cocos2D and Unreal Engine.

We provide timely delivery of localized game to help you reach out to gamers all over the world. 

Whom do we serve?

If you are a game developer or start up looking for affordable game localization, ActiveLoc is the place to go. We have earned a reputation for providing affordable game localization to companies all over the world. 


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