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Mobile App Localization

App localization refers to the rendering of your app in the local languages of the markets in which your company operates, along with customizing it to the cultural, social, legal, and business preferences and practices of those markets. 

Why App localization?

App localization is a necessary step in this globalized world to increase your reach and to solidify your position in global markets. Here are some important reasons to localize your mobile app.

There is hardly an app maker out there who would be satisfied with success in only one local market. The app store is open to the whole world, why not take advantage of it? If not the whole world, you can definitely try to reach speakers of different languages in your own country or region!

Emerging markets speak languages other than English. Increase the chances of your app being found and downloaded in different non-English speaking countries by translating and localizing the content, metadata, interface text, graphics, and units and measures.

Localization is not just about translation. It ensures that your app’s messaging, content, and visuals are relevant to your target audience and that the app can be easily understood and used by the intended user. Localization refers to a comprehensive adaptation of your app to the target market in such a way that the app does not feel foreign to the user.

Consult with your localization partner to make sure that you are not offending your target base in any way by using symbols, colours, or visuals that are against their cultural norms. For instance, in some South East Asian countries, the number 4 can rhyme with the word for death. Hence, in these countries, using messaging that predominantly include the number 4 must be avoided.

There can be no user experience (UX) without localization. A multitude of details need to be taken care of to provide a great UX to global users. For instance, text when translated into another language can either expand or contract. If this is not kept in mind from the start, forms can break and consistency maybe ruined resulting in the user dropping the app. 

A localization provider in India can offer complete app localization solutions that fit your budget. ActiveLoc provides translation and localization of your app in 30+ languages, source optimization, localization testing, DTP, multimedia publishing, and more. We also provide high-quality localization for Indian languages. 

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