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Software Localization

By localizing your software or application, you can increase your software’s global market share. In addition to increasing the market share, you can also build international reputation, reduce support costs and gain competitive advantage. With the localized software, your customers can easily understand your software’s specifications in their native language.

If you’re looking for experts to localize your software to achieve the above benefits or any other amazing benefits in your mind, choose ActiveLoc. ActiveLoc offers high-quality yet affordable software localization services to start-ups, software developers, enterprises and government agencies. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

What we can localize?

We are experts in desktop application translation, software translation, Java based application, and .net application translation.
We can localize your software keeping in mind that what works in other cultures. We can localize software or application that is in any of platforms, systems and programming languages. Also we can help you with globalization and localization strategy for the software or application. We know how to secure non-translatable source elements, so you can rest assured that there would be no issues when you get the files or application back.

When localizing a software or application, we deeply look into functionality, expansion and truncation, layout, and graphical elements, so your localized software can be perfect in all way to engage the target customers. You can rely on our language and technical expertise to localize your software.

As we follow the best software localization practices and have a deep knowledge of localizing software for multiple markets, you can be sure that your software will work beyond your expectation. Contact us today.

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