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Website Localization

The internet has connected the world and globalised businesses everywhere. By localizing your website to suit the needs of this international market, you have an opportunity to reach potential customers from all over the world.   

Collaborating with ActiveLoc for web app or website localization helps you to effectively reach local customers in the global market, build credibility, brand identity and increase customer engagement in the target region. You can even reach new customers and find sales opportunities with our hassle-free web localization services.

What can we do in web localization?

We localize websites and web applications that are built using the following technologies: HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, MySQL, AngularJS, Node.js, ASP.NET, JSON, XML, and .NET.

If you’re looking for .NET application localization, Java application localization, PHP website localization, or Python application localization, you can be sure that ActiveLoc will meet all your needs. 

In addition to localization, we also provide end-to-end globalization support. Our website localization services are easy, reliable and hassle-free and can help you begin your journey into the global market at affordable prices.