Vendor Invoicing Guidelines

Since a clear and complete invoice helps in ensuring timely payment, we have outlined a few policies for streamlining the invoicing process. ActiveLoc’s policy is designed to make sure that all expenditures are properly authorized and recorded.
The project code enables efficient and on-time processing of invoices. If you have not received a valid project code, please obtain a valid project code from your ActiveLoc contact before sending your invoice.

The following information is also necessary on the invoice:

1The word “Invoice” at the top of the page.
2Your name/company name and full address.
3Invoice number and date of the invoice
4Billing address of ActiveLoc i.e.
ActiveLoc Globalization Services Private Limited
91Springboard, 1st Floor, G K Complex,
# 45/3, Residency Road, Bangalore 560025
Karnataka, INDIA
5Project code, Service Description & charge basis (Quantity/unit and pricing details)
6Total or Total amount due.
7Payment details: Bank Name, Bank Address, Name of the Account Holder, Account Number and (IBAN or SWIFT or BIC)
8Invoice should be provided in a legible, non-editable and readable format, preferably in PDF format.