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Video Translation Tips and best practices.

Video translation has become a basic part that necessitates the preferences of the users. Translating your video makes your content more applicable to a larger audience.

Users do not usually opt for videos that may not be based in their localized languages or does not provide translations as everyone do not speak the same language.

Video translation should be done efficiently in aims of maximum cost-efficiency and maximized accuracy. Here are some tips that can surely enable you to achieve these factors.

  • In the process of translation it is important that the translator may not necessarily be an expert or professional but should be a native of that language. This ensure fluency and expression of your ideas with great accuracy.
  • Research about the agency you are handing your work over to. Checking with past clients and rating their experiences also helps greatly in the process.
  • While translating your video, it is important that the contents that you provide are appropriate for the people. This can be ensured by thorough research on certain factors like culture, language, themes, etc.
  • It is also important that in the translation process, there may be some phrases or words that may be longer or shorter in the localized language. Ensure that these are incorporated with great supervision.
  • Prevent the usage of very long sentences as this can lead to taking up of unnecessary space in the screen, often distracting the audience.
  • In the case of voiceovers, it should be kept in mind that though the dubbing may not match the lip movements of the speaker, the voice actor should be able to deliver the dubbing by expressing the tone and expression like that of the original.

Be it people who speak the same language as you or not, translating it always helps to get a better understanding of the concept that you have based your content on.

Video translation has thus, become an efficient part in today’s world where in the face of tough competitors, it has become very important to always take the step ahead of one’s rivals.