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App Localization

Why App Localization is Good For Mobile App Success 

You found an interesting app in the App Store, but the content is only available in English. Would you download it if you are a non-English speaker? Probably not.  This is why app localization is so important. Reaching billions of targeted audiences is not an easy task and that can only be accomplished through app localization. 


Some of the most popular mobile apps like- Games, Social media, Travel navigation, News, eLearning, and Entertainment most of these mobile apps have been localized, especially in the social media sector. The investment in mobile app localization is quite high, but once it becomes popular it can pay off huge returns.  Once you’re ready to expand the global market, it is essential to add locales in-app store connect and Google Play Console. The App Store and Google Play are available in 175 countries and 40-50 languages, giving you the power to reach a global market. So you should consider your mobile app localization strategy before investing in app development.


The Benefits of App localization: 

1. Increased downloads and revenue 

Offering your app in the audience’s native languages would significantly boost downloads, which would increase revenue. 


2. Increased user engagement 

Millions of users across the world download mobile apps every day. but they frequently uninstall them. because the audience prefers apps in their native language 


3. Enhanced visibility and discoverability  

Localizing not only images and content but also keywords and metadata will increase the visibility and discoverability in the app stores. 


4. More in-app purchases 

App developers should keep in mind that mobile app localization is essential to reach global users which will increase app purchases. 


5. Return on investment (ROI) assurance 

By localizing your app, will be accessible in new markets & different regions to gain a more user base which will turn to profit as well as your ROI.  

The localization process is a bit expensive, but it assures a significant ROI.  


6. Increased brand awareness 

To establish a global presence, you must overcome the language barrier, which can only be done with the assistance of professional translation services. 


How does the app localization process work Learn more

  • Analyzing the app materials  
  • Tool selection, 
  • Understanding the target market’s culture, psychology, and language usage, 
  • (This is where localization begins!) Translating the words and adapting the content to the local time units, dimensions, and codes 
  • Adapting the text to the size of the line and dialogue window 
  • Changing the names of characters, monsters, objects, app locations, geographical names, events, and other things. 
  • Keeping genre-specific language, repeated idioms, and abbreviations consistent,
  • Linguistic testing and quality assurance,  
  • Implementing the final translations into the app codebase.     


Hiring a Professional Language Services Provider: 

Mobile app localization includes more than just translation, It is necessary to manage all components of the app, including its content, backend database, images, audio, marketing, and branding. so it is essential to hire a professional translation service provider. 

By localizing your mobile app, you will be able to compete in the international market and provide your target audience with a wider user experience. 


Localization of mobile apps is a top priority not only because there is a significant demand for additional apps, but also because localization will make the apps more accessible and valuable to a wider audience. It’s essential to work with a professional language services provider from the beginning when developing a mobile app. ActiveLoc can help with professional linguists who are experts in technology and mobile apps can provide advice to improve your mobile app for localization.  We work with more than 70+  languages so you can hit your global market. contact our team by calling +91 6361045174 or send us an email at [email protected]