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Why Should Your Content Be Localized for the Indian Market?

India is regarded as one of the world’s potential developing nations. Its GDP has become one of the world’s fastest developing, according to FICCI, the GDP of India is predicted to expand at 9.1percent in 2021-22. This, along with other considerations like as population, location, worldwide technology developments, and power generation and scholars to believe that it has the capacity to be a powerhouse in the near future. With ActiveLoc’s skilled translation services, you can take your company to the next level. Contact Us.  


Few of the reasons Localize your content into Indian Market – 

The Internet and Smartphones 

 According to Kantar IMRB’s Cube study, over 1.3 billion people in India had access to the web as of Dec 2018, accounting for 57.7percent of the population. What’s more startling is that 97 percent of them use their cell phones to access the internet. In other words, Indians are becoming increasingly reliant on their cell devices.  

Any worldwide firm, particularly game and app developers, cannot simply ignore this lucrative sector. Excellent localization items and a strong marketing effort can help you connect with Indians. 


5% of the population speaks English. 

In India, English is spoken by approximately by 125 million people. Despite being the world’s second-largest English-speaking nation, English-speaking people are just little more than 15% of the overall population. So, even if your organization employs English in this market, the number of viewers you can reach is minuscule, and you’re squandering a lot of potential. 

Hindi, on either side, is the primary language of the Government of India, and it is spoken by 44 percent of the population. You may improve your firm’s chances of communicating with Indian customers by converting your websites, applications, promotional materials, and any other business papers into Hindi. Your worldwide sales will skyrocket if you gain involvement from these potential customers. ActiveLoc document translation services having translation skills in over 70 languages, are all you need to cover a wide range of papers from diverse sectors. Our linguistic expertise ensures that the context is preserved and the message is translated correctly into the target tongue. 


Highly skilled professionals  

India’s working-age population is estimated to be 65 percent.  The numbers speak for themselves: India’s market generates a sizable manpower for the GDP. When other industrialized nations in Europe and Asia are experiencing a steep reduction in the youthful population, India has a tremendous competitive advantage. In India, two – fifths of the individuals under the age of 35. Given the ageing population of industrialized Countries in Europe, this provides the country a significant competitive advantage in the future decades. Young employees contribute to economic growth and are more adaptable in terms of learning new skills, testing new goods, and obtaining Internet competence. 

Diversity of cultures 

India has one of the world’s most diverse and rich cultures. In India, there are six major religious groups: Hinduism (the oldest), Christians, Sikhism, Buddhism, Parsis, and others. Misunderstandings and miscommunications can lead to expensive blunders if foreign enterprises do not pay significant attention to the diversity and peculiarities of religion in India. Spending time learning more about Indian culture or hiring a reputable localization service may help your organization break down the cultural barrier and connect effectively with your core demographic. Unlike Chinese, Indian, on the other hand, has a vibrant economy that actively promotes Western ideals like as liberty and fairness. 


Are you looking for a partner in Content Translation?  


ActiveLoc delivers a wide range of multilingual content solutions to handle even the most difficult translation needs. We connect you to worldwide marketplaces with exceptional efficiency by utilizing in-country, native-speaking linguists and cutting-edge language services technology.  

We can help you communicate honestly – and achieve market-certified status – by evaluating and testing your content with your target audience and subject matter experts. Contact Us to know more! 

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