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Data Annotation

Data Annotation- everything you need to know about it

Data Annotation is termed as the categorization and the labelling of data for serving AI (Artificial Intelligence) purposes. It deals with the preparations that goes into training a machine to understand and follow a particular learning model.

Data annotations helps to provide for an enhanced customer experience allowing certain experiences like relevancy in the search engines, recommendation of preferred products, chatbots, etc.

Data annotations can further be divided into various forms. These may include the annotations of text, images, audio and video.

Data_ annotation


What are the various forms of data annotation?

Machine learning is based on the various forms of data annotation like texts, images, audio and video.

  • Text annotation stands as a common form of analytic annotation that instils within it, various elements of sentimentality and sematic annotations.

Text annotations take into account the various sensitive keywords and contents that might not be suitable for some audience and translates this accordingly.

It also provides for a scope for recommending subject matters based on the suitability and reliability. This is done by filtering the preferences based on past preferences of the users.

  • Image annotation involves a training of the data to identify images and interpret these images in the form of texts like captions and keywords. Image annotations has greatly helped in the advancements of the AI technology.
  • Audio annotation means the specification in identifying various elements that can help in the recognition of various languages and dialogues based on a particular topographical region. Video annotation helps with the identification of the various elements in a video, helping identify different types of objects using a form of image annotation


   What can Data Annotation do for you?

Data Annotation has also helped greatly in improving the accuracy of the search results of recommendations that can be greatly based on your preferences and suitability.

Moreover, chatbots also help out users with great efficiency that can help to solve the queries of the users. Data Annotations also helps to frame the preferences and recommendations of the users by providing references from past-browsing history of the users.

It can also be noted that the data annotation services interpret the preferences of the users in such a way that it hinders itself to the various contents considering in detail about its suitability for the audience it is based upon.

A form of virtual assistance is provided by data annotation services that also enable the efficient communication. It greatly helps in the overall working by extensive use of AI technology covering services like shopping, weather forecast, news preferences, etc.

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Data annotation is a task that no one can afford to make errors with as it can often lead to costly mistakes and humiliation, trusting ActiveLoc is what you can do to avoid such situations.


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