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What we do

Software localization

Software strings need to be translated in tandem with product development. We employ our decades-long expertise in localizing ad-hoc or complex software application the agile way to make sure you are able to ship the product to multiple locales on time and stay on budget, too.

App localization

Increase the number of times your app is downloaded with translation and localization. Reach more users by not only talking in their language, but by also making them feel they are using a homegrown app which caters to their particular needs.

Website localization

Need to roll out your website in 30+ languages? We know how to do it, without making forms break or characters get jumbled. We handle internationalization for you, so your developers can stay focused on product development.

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A few things we’re great at


We support 30+ languages including European, Indic, South East Asian, Middle Eastern (right-to-left languages), and African languages. Our translation services include linguistic quality and terminology services.


User experience is in the small things. Our internationalization service takes care of date and time formats, currencies, and the many more details that go in providing the user a complete localized experience.

Multimedia localization

We render audio and video content in a wide range of languages for content such as e-learning, animation, and more. Subtitling, voiceovers, dubbing — we provide whatever is needed to target your multimedia content to international audiences.

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