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ActiveLoc is your one stop destination for all your content translation needs. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that provides complete range of language services and make your market expansion effective and scalable with our team of industry experts.
Make your business reach global heights with professional translation services from ActiveLoc.

What We Do

Localizing Mobile App helps to attract more native user of target market, improve the user on-boarding and user retention rates.
Software Localization simplifies way you reach the local user for your internationalized software with reduced optimized efforts.
With Website Localization, you can communicate to your wider global audience their own languages and expand into new markets.

Reach your customers in their language to expand your market

What We Offer

We support 60+ languages including European, Indic, South East Asian, Middle Eastern (right-to-left languages), and African languages. Our translation services include linguistic quality and terminology services.


Software strings need to be translated in tandem with product development. We employ our decades-long expertise in localizing ad-hoc or complex software applications in an agile way to make sure you can ship the product to multiple locales on time and stay on budget too.


We render audio and video content in a wide range of languages for content such as e-learning, animation, and more. Subtitling, voice-overs, dubbing — we provide whatever is needed to target your multimedia content to international audiences.

The No-Compromise Zone


ActiveLoc’s 12 quality checkpoints with language quality audits, testing and assessments guarantee quality deliverables.


Well defined streamlined processes, technology adept teams and quick delivery sets our translation services apart.


We are driven to deliver excellent language translation services and localization services to all our project commitments.

ActiveLoc an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Get professional-quality translation with aid from native language experts and make your translations truly language inclusive.