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Google Translate vs Siri vs Amazon Translate

Let us look at the services offered by Siri, Google Translate and Amazon translate and the efficiency that each of them possesses.

Google Translate 

  • Google Translate offers over 109 language translations including Spanish, French, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Romania, Chinese, etc., among many others. The translation assistant is applicable for both android users as well as IOS users.
  • As compared to the other translation assistants, Google Translate has higher accuracy.
  • Google translate also enables communication and machine translations both in speaking as well as typing which is not feasible in Siri and Amazon translate.

Siri Translate

  • Siri Translate offers a total of ten languages including Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Arabic. It is, however, yet to extend its services for other languages.
  • Siri is easily accessible through iPhones and does not require the installation of any additional applications to use it.
  • Siri Translate requires the internet to provide its services. However, it also helps you by acting as a GPS or providing necessary details and information like making calls, reading text messages, etc.


Amazon Translate

  • Amazon translate easily allows you to translate large texts with great efficiency. This also includes the localization of website and application data.
  • It is very easy to use and offers a variety of languages, a total of 71 languages including Croatian, Chinese, Danish, French, etc.
  • Amazon Translate is accurate and has been proven to translate and localize large contexts with great authenticity and less mistakes that can lead to miscommunications.

These translation assistants can translate multiple languages which have made it become more and more accessible to global audiences. However which translation assistant is the best remains as a debatable topic for many.

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