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How does language impact marketing?

Multilingual marketing is a powerful strategy for those who are starting to take their businesses to grow at an international level. You might be wondering what is a multilingual marketing strategy. Before you dig into it first let’s discuss a few things.


Effective communication is key to your business. Do you believe that? If yes, then which language do you use to pitch your business?  See this example.


Customer: Ist es für den Markterfolg notwendig, die App zusätzlich zur Übersetzung zu lokalisieren? 

Seles Manager: Yes, to start of your global market successful journey, localization is essential. When done successfully with the help of the right localization partner, which can lead to increases in users, sales, and revenue. 


As you can see in the conversation would he convert? There is a communication gap between buyer and seller. So the chance of losing a deal is more. In most cases, business dealers lose their customers at the first pitch because of the language gap.


Communication language is key to your market success. But how many languages do you speak to deal with your customers? Are you monolingual, bilingual, or multilingual? If you are bilingual or multilingual is that enough to pitch your business? What would you do if your customer doesn’t understand any language you speak? How would you communicate with them?


Similarly, the same situation comes in the global market. So how to deal with this situation? How do you sell your product or service in the international market? The only solution is multilingual marketing which means marketing in many languages.


Probably you heard of word translation. But translation is not the localization. So, what does it mean? What is the difference between translation and Localization? Are you thinking which one is best for your business?


The translation is the process of converting only content into other languages and is considered as just one part of the localization process. while localization adapts content to the local market.


Localization has the power to convince your customers & drives more sales. So, if you want to target your global audience, you should adapt content into native language. 


How does native language impact marketing? Here is the answer- 

What would happen if, you are pitching your business and you speak with a person in a language he knows? He will just listen and only gets inside his thoughts. Or just hangs up. Affects, purchasing decisions.

Similarly, when you communicate with him in his native language, you will connect more with him. and reach his heart. results, conversion.


As you can see, it is hard to connect with your customer unless you communicate in their language. When you know to communicate in their native language, it is very easy to connect with your customers.


Same way If you localize your website, apps, or product you can easily reach the international market without investing in marketing efforts, and results increase the user base, sales, and revenue. If you are starting the journey in the international market, localization is essential for your product.


To communicate with your customer using any type of medical Documents, E-commerce, Banking, Finance, and Legal documents you must choose a translation service. Or to succeed in a new global market, especially in ad campaigns, mobile apps, software, products, or entertainment field localization is a must.


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Reasons to consider multilingual marketing. 

  • Avoids miscommunication. 
  • Build trust. 
  • Gain loyal customers 
  • Referrals 


What are the steps to build a successful multilingual content 

  1. Analyzing the project 
  1. Adapting regional specifications 
  1. Adapting the text size of the line and dialogue window   
  1. Keeping genre-specific language, repeated idioms, and abbreviations consistent, 
  1. Checks linguistic quality assurance  
  1. Tests user interface (for a website, app, product)  
  1. Functionality testing and verification (for website, app, or product)  
  1. Project delivery. 


Benefits Of multilingual marketing: 

  • Increase the number of users  
  • Boost engagement 
  • Boost user experience  
  • Enhances global reach   
  • Beat the competition  
  • Brand visibility   
  • Wider market 
  • Increase revenue 


Effective marketing communication brings your loyal customers to the door as well as attracts new audiences and keeps them coming back for more. 



It is important to invest in localization. your Global audiences will not convert easily unless it is in their native language. To start of your successful journey in the international market, localization is must. Localization has gone beyond changing a translation to make it sound local with a regional flavor. When done successfully with the help of the right localization partner, which can lead to increases in users, sales, and revenue. 

If you are still contemplating whether localization is for you or not. Contact our team expert. They will help you. to take right marketing decisions for international market growth.  

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