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Product marketing localization

What is localization in product marketing and its importance in market expansion?

Product marketing localization

A crisp communication about your product and its offerings is not easy. For SaaS and ITeS based products which often perform multiple tasks and may have the potential to solve multiple issues at once, the task of succinctly communicating about it as a product marketing exercise takes a good number of trails, errors, learning, and improvisations for it to make sense for your end customer.

Keeping things simple is important at every stage of your sales funnel, and localization demands attention and planning in each one.

In this post, we shall explore what localization is when it comes to marketing your product, IT-based or otherwise, and point out reasons why it plays such a crucial role when it comes to market expansion.

Product strategy and roadmap stage

One of the obvious steps of localization in product marketing is the localization of the product itself. Largely relevant for IT/ITeS sector, localization demands attention and planning at the product strategy and roadmap stage where parameters like buyer persona, demography, purchasing power etc feed the makeup of your target audience.

For IT/ITeS based products, localization of the software product demands separate management as the approach of product development is modular and the vast number of strings used fall in multiple categories – UX, documentation, legal, release notes etc.

This stage helps the marketers and sales personnel to craft their communication for product launch and set parameters to measure success, A/B test, engage community and so on.

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Localization of ads and marketing materials

This stage of product marketing deals with the localization of all kinds of marketing materials – search ads, social media campaigns, emails, newsletters, etc irrespective of the nature of your product.

This stage covers all kinds and formats of communication – text, video, interactive, and so on, defined by the budget and creativity which finds its way into product launch and improves over time with data in hand.

One stat by points out that “86% of the localized advertising campaigns outperformed the English campaigns in both click-throughs and conversions.”, making localization an essential part of product marketing.

So, why is it important to incorporate localization in product marketing?

It would be redundant to say that localization is important for all kinds of customer acquisition activities. We analyzed it in detail with the Indian market as an example.

A defined target audience, demography, and insights into the nuances of the languages craft a well-developed brand messaging and product positioning in markets your product has never stepped before.

It gives an opportunity for your potential customers to be intrigued and soak in new information and hopefully take meaningful action to drive sales.


The world is going to be more connected with the passage of time. Global language services are bound to increase, and it has already witnessed a doubling size over the last ten years.

Product localization and/or the added translation and localization of associated materials are a necessity when businesses around the globe are incessantly looking to expand and grow.