Mobile App Localization

Customer engagement is rarely a success unless the language your customer understands it is flawlessly catered, and this includes mobile applications too. Mobile app localization goes beyond text translation. Each step for user engagement demands a flawless app-experience. From its constituent text to media elements, an experience is incomplete without application translation or app localization. ActiveLoc holds its expertise in localizing apps from Android, iOS, or hybrid types.

ActiveLoc’s Mobile App Localization Services Offer

App localization improves user experience for your customer. It shortens users onboarding time, speeds up user engagement and app adoption rate. ActiveLoc’s app localization services are: 

Engage your audience in a seamless language experience with ActiveLoc’s application translation services.

Why localize apps with ActiveLoc?

Multi-Platform Support

ActiveLoc’s team is well versed with platform environments and behavior for multi-faceted translation needs. Android, iOS or hybrid apps, our translation and localization services can handle them all.

Increased Adoption

ActiveLoc’s expertise in localizing content in 60+ worldwide languages enables your app to have wider audiences at a global scale. Our expertise and linguistic strength make the app experience local for your potential customers aiding in app adoption.

Better Engagement

An appropriate and accurately localized UI is inviting for your customer and promotes engagement and retention at multiple levels. We at ActiveLoc ensure end-to-end mobile app localization- from button text, forms to application’s content.