Data Annotation Services

Multilingual Data Annotation Services for enhanced data accuracy and improved customer experience. Machine learning programs mandate the right amount of precise and quality data to provide an accurate output in the form of an essential training set for AI/ML models. However, providing the needed data with accuracy and quality can present significant logistical challenges for businesses. With over 77% of devices already using AI, it’s all the more critical! That’s where you need the expertise of efficient data annotation services. Our high-quality data labeling and text annotation services help you save time and resources while producing reliable training datasets.

How Data Annotation Can Help Your Business

Efficient text annotation and data labeling services are vital for every business in today’s competitive marketplace.

Improved Accuracy of Output

Text annotation makes the text from various languages recognizable for AI-enabled computer vision. It enables machines to easily understand human languages through machine learning training based on natural language processing, leading to improved precision.

Enhanced User Experience

You can leverage accurately trained AI models and automated applications to offer seamless and personalized user experiences to your customers based on their needs, resulting in better customer relations and retention.

Time and Effort Savings

Data annotation services help you quickly reap the above benefits by enabling you to train your AI/ML models effortlessly, without compromising accuracy and quality.

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ActiveLoc's Data Annotation Services

According to the 2020 State of AI and Machine Learning report, 70% of organizations depend on the text. Our text annotation services encompass:

Text Categorization

Our team of experienced annotators performs text classification for a diverse range of documents such as product categorization, search engine validation, and more. Our high-quality AI-training data backs you with the solid ground to ensure the accuracy of your AI/ML algorithms.

Semantic and Entity Annotation

We annotate various document elements with the relevant concept based on their nature to identify and flag semantic and grammatical linguistic elements. Using our curated team’s fluency in over 100 languages, we possess the capability to deliver projects focusing on both niche and major languages at scale.

Entity Linking

Our data specialists meticulously locate and disambiguate the recovered text using a knowledge base for building models that allow more in-depth analysis, pinpoint accuracy, and exemplary customer service.

Phrase Chunking

Language is often highly contextual and vague, making it challenging for a machine to understand. We tag different speech parts with their linguistic or grammatical contexts to help machines better understand various languages. It enables accurate sentiment and intent analysis.

Content Moderation

ActiveLoc offers pre and post-content moderation for effective online strategy and brand reputation.

Why ActiveLoc?

With ActiveLoc Data Annotation services, you can rest assured about the absolute accuracy, round-the-clock assistance, and high-quality and secured training data set compliant with the most stringent regulations. Here are a few reasons why we can be your one-stop destination for all text annotation and data labeling needs.

Enhance Your AI/ML Model Capabilities with ActiveLoc Text Annotation and Data Labeling Services

Our data annotation services go beyond simple data labeling, text annotation, or tagging activities. Our team houses professional data specialists and annotators trained on the subtleties of large-scale text analysis. Accurate metadata labeling and semantic tagging enable easy and effective use of data by machines, facilitating enhanced capabilities and precise outputs.