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Flutter App Translation And Localization 


With the rapid evolution of the online market, and expanding business in various sectors across the nations, language has become an important key to growth. There are thousands of apps available in play stores and app stores. For any global business to succeed, it has to reach out to its audience. If you are developing a mobile app in a single language, you may be losing the audience in other regions, no matter how much the app can benefit them. If users are unable to understand the language, they will simply opt for another app. Even if your target audience is multilingual, most prefer to use apps that provide information in their native language.


If you’re a startup trying to take your company to the next level, your mobile app feature should be rich, and be able to keep your audience engaged. Flutter is an excellent choice to grow a small business. Flutter comes with features such as easy usability, quick coding, and platform compatibility. If you are developing a mobile app and want it to succeed at the global level, you must consider Internationalizing and localizing your Flutter app.


Flutter Framework – Quick Overview 

Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google for building multi-platform apps from a single codebase.  Flutter is one of the best ways to create apps for both Android and iOS without writing a separate codebase for each platform. This framework has been gaining huge traction in recent years. It makes use of the Dart programming language which is easy to learn and easy to code. Flutter has attained top ratings and is in the process of building its community. 

Some popular apps built with Flutter: Google, BMW, eBay, Tencent, Square, Sonos, etc. 


Is Flutter a good idea for every app?

Wondering how can the Flutter App fit your dream startup project? Choosing this platform technology for your dream startup project comes with various benefits to help your business grow as:


High productivity: Flutter allows instantly viewing the changes made in the code. The modified code is reloaded while the app is still running, so there is no need to restart it. This is useful not only for developing UIs and implementing features but also for bug fixing. It is beneficial for non-programmers or fresher can create Flutter apps! It saves you time money and manpower.


Faster development: Flutter is one of the best solutions to develop apps for both Android and iOS without having to write multiple codebases for each platform. The app development process develops a mobile app that runs faster on multiple platforms. For startups, Flutter is the best choice to launch the app faster in the market.


Less testing: Flutter has its own widgets, which results in fewer compatibility issues. Developers will face fewer issues on different OS versions and can spend less time on testing the app on older OS versions. It will work on future OS versions. 


User Friendly: Flutter is designed to make an easy way to develop your own widgets or customize the existing widgets. Flutter speeds up the app development process which helps your team to build a beautiful UI app with smooth animations and reduces the app development cost. It helps in providing a wider reach than other applications which your user will love. 

So, these are the top reasons to opt Flutter for your business App.


How does a Flutter work? 

  • Flutter has its own high-performance engine to perform a specific function together. As a result, it’s an excellent native performer. 
  • On iOS and Android, the engine code, which is written in C/C++, is used with LLVM and NDK. 
  • Dart code, AOT compiled during compilation. 
  • Flutter consists of widgets. These widgets also included Skia Canvas. It returns the event to its original point. 


To localize your Flutter app, see the following steps: 

* Create a separate folder in your project for each language you want to support. 

* Create a file containing localized values and a Localizations Delegate that references it 

* Add a list of supported languages to the Material App 

* Reference localized values in your Widgets 

* Once the app has been correctly internationalized, share the string file with an agency like ActiveLoc that has a mobile app localization expert team to get the content translated professionally. 



Flutter is an ideal choice for Startup App. Small businesses can choose Flutter to build apps faster with excellent features at a lower budget and limited requirements. With these techniques, you will have no trouble using the flutter toolkit to translate your app into different languages. Localizing your flutter app can pay off in the market expansion. 


We at ActiveLoc have been offering flutter app localization services for years. We have experienced linguists and translators who will translate your apps into all major languages of the world. Our platform supports the entire process from app translation to publishing to the App Store. 


If you are looking for professional flutter app localization services, contact us now! We make it easy to localize your flutter apps. Our project managers will coordinate with you to offer you the best delivery experience possible. We also offer multiple languages and localization options.