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French – A Language spoken in 29 Countries

French is a language that is spoken in 29 countries, ranking itself as the 18th most spoken language of the world. French is spoken as a native language in countries like France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Canada, etc., among many others.

French as a language traces its origin to many centuries back, where alternations and word borrowing has also played a massive role in the formation of the French language.

  • What are the 29 countries that speaks French as a native language?

French is a language that is considered to the next most spoken language in the world. This is because French as a language is not confirmed to only a sub-continent, but can be found to be spoken all over the world.

Moreover, the 29 countries that speaks French as a native language include:


ü  Belgium ü  Burkina Faso ü  Benin ü  Burundi ü  Cameroon
ü  Democratic Republic of Congo ü  Djibouti ü  Ivory Coast ü  Chad ü  Canada
ü  France ü  Guinea ü  Haiti ü  Luxembourg ü  Madagascar
ü  Senegal ü  Rwanda ü  Niger ü  Monaco ü  Mali
ü  Seychelles ü  Switzerland ü  Togo ü  Vanuatu  




  • French as a widely spoken language

Some of the facts of French as a spoken languages and its origin may be traced back to certain factors. These may include:

  • French was first the spoken language of England before it was eventually replaced by the English language during the 14th
  • French as a language is spoken by at least 220 million people today. It stands second to English as a language that is spoken by people.
  • Most of the phrases and wordings that is found in the English language today has been borrowed or derived from French. This makes up about 30% to 45% of the English vocabulary.
  • Not all French dialects are alike. This means that though there are some few thousand French speakers today, their dialects are accents may be completely different to each other.
  • Most ancient literature was written in French. It is the long effort of scholars and translators who has made available these works in a varied number of languages.

French as a language possess many unique features that can leave you amazed. It is a very versatile language and being spoken by a large mass of the population definitely makes it a language that one should opt for the mastery of a second language.


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