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Translation process

How we process the translation requirement at ActiveLoc

The process of documentation of managing requirements is very important for any organization. The well-defined processes by considering all possible scenarios in the process steps make the organization deliver greater value. Our well-defined process definition, roles, and responsibilities, checklists to make sure the quality of every process step. This well-established process-driven culture enables us to deliver quality output every time. 

High-level details of our translation process as below:


We evaluate the requirements and with the criteria such as target languages, end user, subject matter, scope on graphics, and turnaround time. An estimation is sent to the client for approval.


A glossary is created to ensure consistency of terminology. Files are converted into CAT format and the content will be translated by a qualified translator. Translators are native speakers of the target language with vast experience in the corresponding domain and industry-specific terminologies.

After completion of the translation, it undergoes an automated quality check for ensuring the right key terms, and consistencies and to check possible omissions. Then the translator implements if there are any changes.


The translated and formatted document will be submitted to the customer. We also provide updated translation memory and glossaries (if required). An invoice will be sent to the client after the successful completion of the project. Also, we take care of one round of customer feedback implementation post-delivery.

We support all language, translation, localization, and language-related consulting requirements. We offer document translation, software localization, mobile app localization, website localization, and voice-over/dubbing services.

Contact us if you have any relevant requirements. We are happy to help.