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How Localization Effects on User-Onboarding and Retention? 

If businesses wish to maximize average customer satisfaction, they need to pay more attention to the onboarding process. Retention rates are one of the most important considerations for businesses creating apps. Although acquisition and downloads are important, real mobile app success is determined by high retention rates, which indicate that consumers continue to enjoy the app thus, localization can prove to be an important step for the success of your business. 


Localizing a product for international expansion entails making all facets of it available to the consumer you’re targeting, from language localization and product UX adaptation to multilingual customer service and beyond. As a result, many companies may believe that localization is unattainable because they lack the income to spend or the ability to maintain it. 

Apps must have a smooth user interface that includes design elements, consumer delight, and a high level of value in order to improve user retention.  Although machine translation is well suited to live conversations because of the necessity of answering in real time, anything other than human translation for knowledge base articles and onboarding flows would not have a satisfactory user experience. 


It’s Importance 

Customer onboarding is a critical component of user onboarding performance. Customer onboarding is important because it not only reduces user abandonment but also encourages long-term performance indicators including user satisfaction and lifetime value. The formatting of numbers and times, the correction of sort instructions, and the adaptation of fonts and images to local standards are all part of software localization. Retaining loyal consumers is more cost-effective than adding new ones. In reality, finding new customers will cost up to five times as much as keeping old ones. Furthermore, a 5% rise in customer satisfaction will result in a profit increase of up to 95%. Customer turnover benefits from a focus on customer growth rather than retention marketing, which leads to lower revenue. 


Expansion and Onboarding 

When an organization moves internationally, it must staff new headquarters, plants, stores, and fulfillment centers with trained workers. Localizing the company applications for overseas locations can result in a better understanding of the resources available, which could contribute to more effective employee time management. 


Closing Remarks 

Complete product localization is a time-consuming procedure that necessitates much care and consideration. Both onboarding decisions should be made with the customer in mind, so make sure you’re gathering input and adapting the method to meet their needs. Following these best practices would assist you in developing a highly successful onboarding mechanism that will not only increase customer experience but also improve the overall UX design of your app. ActiveLoc Globalization is a key component of the international growth strategy, assisting you in developing partnerships with a worldwide audience whilst still endorsing ActiveLoc’s goal of rendering internet business personal anywhere.  


Increase Retention with ActiveLoc 

You should be convinced of the value of increasing consumer satisfaction after reading this article. You should reach out to your potential clients with a well-targeted localized marketing plan and see for yourself how localization improves client retention. ActiveLoc will provide you with a variety of tools to help you with localization. With this in mind, our team of localization specialists has developed solutions, by collaborating with the ActiveLoc team to reduce the cost of penetration to international growth.  

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