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Why Shopify Content Translation is Essential for Global Selling

According to Statista, the estimated number of global digital buyers in 2019 is nearly 2 billion. To make use of the growing e-commerce industry, buyers need to understand the market and reach out to customers all over the world.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets you create and customize an online store for your business. You can manage your inventory, keep track of products, and take care of shipping and payments without worrying about programming or designing.

More than 800,000 online stores use Shopify to build and grow their business!


Here is a list of reasons why you should localize your Shopify content:

Global Expansion: With this global expansion of ecommerce, it is essential to increase your business’s visibility to reach new audiences and increase sales.

Access New Markets and Engage Local Consumers: So, it is extremely important to be identified by Google, and other search engines organically. In order to tap into the full potential of the ecommerce industry, your business needs to be searchable in many different languages.

You should prioritize multilingual SEO practices to make sure that your content reaches customers globally.

Greater Consumer Engagement: Although Shopify’s themes allow business owners to display customer-facing parts such as blog, email, strings, and checkout procedures to be in various languages, you will need to translate the main content of your website including product descriptions on your own.

In order to ensure the best UI/UX experience for your buyers, it is necessary to make sure that they can consistently access all features— from product information, to prices and checkout baskets, in their own language.

First Move Advantage over Competition: Statistics show that only 25% of internet users speak English. By translating your content to local languages, you can gain more sales than competitors who stick to communicating solely in English.

The translations should be seamless, and the customer must feel like they are interacting with a company from their own country. To do this, you need to localize your content based on the needs of the local market.


What can we help you translate on Shopify?

  1. Product listing
  2. Product details
  3. Product marketing content
  4. UI strings
  5. Other supporting materials

We provide easy, quick, and reliable translation and localization services at affordable prices.


Scalability: With our professional native translators who are well versed in more than 30+ world languages, your Shopify content can be translated into any number of languages quickly, and without any hassle.


Quality: Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system makes sure that the final product is of top quality and is delivered in a timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction: Our focus is on complete client satisfaction, and our priority will be to make sure that you can utilize Shopify to successfully market your products in different languages and form a global customer base.

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