Magento Site Localization is the Key To Global Success

In order to make use of the growing e-commerce business opportunities, it is essential to reach out to customers all over the world and sell globally. Understanding the local market needs and communicating with customers in their own language can help you to increase sales.


Magento is an e-commerce platform which helps merchants to host an online store. It provides the sellers control over the template, content, and functionality of the store, along with a flexible shopping cart system.

It is an open source platform that is feature rich and allows its users to customize their online store. It is extremely SEO friendly and is used by some of the leading companies in the world.

More than 250,000 merchants worldwide use Magento as their e-commerce platform.


Global Expansion: With the global expansion of e-commerce, it is essential to increase your business’s visibility to reach new audiences and increase sales.

Access New Markets: In order to tap into the full potential of the e-commerce industry, your business needs to be searchable in many different languages.

Magento is used all over the world, enabling you to expand your online store to a multilingual, international business.

Greater Consumer Engagement: In order to ensure the best UI/UX experience for your buyers, it is necessary to make sure that they can consistently access all features from product information, to prices and checkout baskets, in their own language.

First Move Advantage over Competition: Your translations should be seamless, and the customer must feel like they are interacting with a company from their own country. To do this, you need to localize your content based on the needs of the local market.


In order to sell globally, you will have to attract a multilingual audience from all over the world.

Magento is an extremely complex platform that requires specialized technical knowledge for optimization.

Magento’s software offers a multilingual solution, but the set-up, running and maintenance can become very complicated for someone who is not a programmer or developer.


We can save you the trouble of the complex processes required for translation and localization of your online store content. We provide the following services for your Magento store.

  1. Translations for custom UI strings
  2. Translations for product listings
  3. Translations for Reports
  4. Localized SEO Keywords


We provide easy, quick, and reliable translation and localization services at affordable prices.

Scalability: With our professional native translators who are well versed in more than 30+ world languages, your Magento content can be translated into any number of languages quickly, and without any hassle.


Quality: Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system makes sure that the final product is of top quality and is delivered in a timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction: Our focus is on complete client satisfaction, and our priority will be to make sure that you can utilize Magento to successfully market your products in different languages and form a global customer base.

Choose ActiveLoc for all your localization needs and achieve global success!

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