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Continuous Localization Vs. Agile Localization: What Are They? 

Continuous Localization Vs. Agile Localization: What Are They? 

There are approximately 18% of the world population speak English. While some of your clients speak a common language, they might not prefer it as their first language. Translating your content to reach your audience globally is essential for your global business. With the help of our professional translation services, you can successfully translate any content, document, marketing material, and website to your targeted language. 


All you had to do with the conventional method was develop content, translate it, and release it, i.e.-waterfall localization method. The issue with this method is that it is time-consuming and not covering constantly updates of content. Solving these difficulties with conventional practices were extremely difficult – as a result, continuous localization and agile localization were implemented to rescue the day.  


Agile localization:

It is a non-linear method. At the same time as the product is being developed, the content is being translated. As a result, these two processes occur concurrently. Prior to Agile localization, development teams followed the waterfall methodology. Agile localization was developed in response to the shortcomings of the waterfall process. The waterfall approach is a well-known method. Engineers utilized this approach to outline the process from planning to execution. Each phase must be completed entirely before the following phase may begin. It is more expensive to maintain and necessitates more training for businesses. The reason Agile localization was introduced is to follow the quick software development and develop deliverables in a short period of time. 


Benefits Of Agile localization: 

Aligning your localization process with your development cycle provides several benefits, including shorter translation turnaround times and faster product launches. And, because getting to market sooner helps you boost revenue. 


Does Agile localization Benefit the company – 

You can easily detect and resolve issues, resulting in faster releases. However, not all companies have been successful with the Agile localization strategy. Making changes during the process proved quicker and more effective. Developers are not forced to wait for the code before proceeding to the next job. 


Continuous localization:

Unlocking global expansion in modern life necessitates ongoing localization. Continuous localization evolved from continuous integration, which is a subtype of the Agile approach. When a new update occurs in the code, especially in mobile app development, the program is always available for release at any moment during the development cycle. The content in Continuous Localization is always available for release at any point throughout the development cycle. It might be released every three days or multiple times a day. 


Benefits Of Continuous Localization:

More conventional localization methods frequently fail to keep up when the development cycle shortens. Software, document, and websites are increasingly being updated numerous times each day.  

  1. Time-Saving: Less work for product managers and developers. The quality translations can minimize errors by reducing manual effort 
  1. Better SEO rankings & Increase traffic: You can engage your clients successfully through translation with the help of Continuous Localization.  
  1. Better Return of Investment (ROI): Faster time to market which helps to gain new clients. To keep up with market demand, it’s essential to upgrade this technology.  
  1. Budget-friendly: It reduces cost and repetitive project tasks.  
  1. Increase better performance: It analyzes data to increase productivity. 



We live in a world where things happen all the time. Client requirements are changing since the market’s perspective is changing. There are more apps and software in use. Integrating many languages and accessing current marketplaces are frequently beneficial in business. Neglecting this frequently results in scenarios that have an impact on revenue in the worldwide market. 


As mentioned above, your company needs translations for marketing, content, documents, and website content, among other things. You will be able to access worldwide enterprises and expand quicker if your clients fully understand your brand. These problems may be overcome by investing in the correct technology and attracting markets and processes that are working in the right direction. By effectively implementing continuous localization, you may expand your business and get the benefits of cost savings, higher quality products, adaptability to work requirements, time savings, and quicker release, all of which contribute to reaching the market faster. A continuous localization process is beneficial to more than just developers. It also benefits consumers by providing them with the most up-to-date version of your product and information in their local language. 


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