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How to increase app visibility and downloads

How to increase app visibility and downloads with Localization

Attracting global users is an important factor in every company’s success. Maybe you’ve invested time and effort in setting up your mobile app to attract more users. But does your app appear at the top of the play store/ app store?


Where all the users are”? 


At some point, that question crosses your mind. Increasing app downloads is a challenge for many businesses to achieve. 


According to the study, after installing the app, 42% of users uninstall it within 24 hours. Thousands of apps are added every day. But reaching new users in a highly competitive market is the real challenge! By optimizing your app can improve your online presence. 


What is App Optimization? or App Store Optimization (ASO) 

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving a mobile app’s discoverability to gain more visibility and loyal users in the app stores. 


If your title content is fail to convey/describe your app downloads will fall down. n this stage, the user focuses on app features and compares your apps across competing apps and performs research on it. 


Once you are clear with user persona start optimizing your app using these strategies. 

Icon Design: A mobile app’s icon is the first thing that users see it. The icon must be relevant to the app and it should describe brand identity. Using a unique identity to capture a user’s attention. 

Keyword: App keyword optimization is an important aspect of the ASO puzzle. Identify the target keywords from the research. Use those keywords in the title and description. 

Set categories: Choose the appropriate category when launching your app and ensure that your app is in the right category. Choosing the right category will boost app discoverability to reach your potential users. 

Positive reviews: App ratings and reviews impact on user decisions whether download the app not or not.  By encouraging user reviews and positive feedback will naturally improve download numbers 

Use screenshots: App’s screenshots let users see how the app works and what it can be used for. By showcasing the app features, interface, and benefits, users can decide on making the mobile app install. 

Consider Location: Localizing your mobile app can attract global users and increase conversions. Identify your target users and localize your app content and graphics or local flavor.  


What is App Localization? 

App localization is the process of adapting the interface and functionality of a mobile app into a global market to meet the needs of a target language and culture. 


Benefits of app localization:  

• Brand awareness 

• Avoid Confusion 

• Increasing downloads 

• Improve brand loyalty 

• Boost engagement  

• Improve User Experience


Launching a great app is not enough to get more users to engage with your app. Ranking high in the play store will help you beat your organic competitors, but without understanding the user life cycle, the conversion numbers fall down. 

1. Discoverability: your relationship with the user starts at the first stage of the user lifecycle. Most of the apps are never discovered because your mobile app is not optimized properly.  To bring your app to the top of the app store you need to improve the content in your mobile application. 

2. Download:  In this stage, users compare the app features with other apps. They conduct research and read user reviews. If your content fails to convey how great your app is, your downloads will fall down.   

3. Engagement: Engaging your users is the key to the success of your app. When you have a decent user base, you need to engage them with region flavor, by sending coupons, push messages, offering special deals, discounts and offers in their language, etc.   

4. Revenue: Increasing revenue from mobile apps is an essential factor in every company’s success. Once your potential user base, figure out what they want. Once you understand the user’s needs start adding features and functionality. To unlock new tools and stages make it paid one. Offering coupons or discounts can increase your revenue by performing purchases. 

5. Referrals: To boost sales and gain new users, WOM marketing (word-of-mouth marketing) is the best strategy. Most of the users are more likely to buy when referred by a friend. It isn’t always referral marketing that leads to referral. Sharing on social media, or with influencers is also a form of referral. 



Reaching millions of users is not an easy task and that can only be accomplished through app store optimization in local flavor. So, it is necessary to manage all components of the app, which are content, interface, graphics, and backend database. For this process, it is essential to hire a professional translation agency from the beginning of app development. By optimizing your app in local flavor, you will be able to compete in the global market. 

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